Sociolinguistics Circle 2019

Conference Program

Conference programme and abstract booklet (pdf)

9.00 Registration + coffee/tea
9.30 Ellen-Petra Kester & Samantha Buijink (Utrecht) Language use and language attitudes in Aruba
9.55 Nathan John Albury (Leiden) Do we need to be so critical? Augmenting language policy research through posthumanism
10.20 Meike de Boer & Willemijn Heeren (Leiden) Individual variation in filled pauses in the native and second language
10.45 Coffee/tea break
11.15 Catho Jacobs, Stefania Marzo & Eline Zenner (Leuven) Playing with stereotypes: language variation and stereotypes in Flemish audio plays for children
11.40 Sjaak Kroon (Tilburg) A historical and contemporary account of the linguistic landscape of Asmara, Eritrea
12.05 Poster pitches
12.15 Lunch
Room 0.03
13.00 Poster session
14.00 Keynote: Isabelle Léglise (CNRS Paris)
Variation and multilingual practices as linguistic resources

We proudly present our key note speaker, Isabelle Léglise. She is Senior Research Fellow at CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) in Paris and Head of the Laboratory Structure & Dynamics of Languages.
Her field of expertise ranges from multilingualism, language variation and change in contact settings to language and mobility, education, and discourse analysis. In her work language practices are considered social practices which positions her perspective at the heart of the Sociolinguistics Circle conference. She has an impressive list of high-quality publications, not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of the diversity of topics.

Sweelinckzaal Room 0.03
14.50 Kirsten Rosiers (Gent) Kristel Doreleijers (Meertens), Marjo van Koppen (Meertens & Utrecht) & Jos Swanenberg (Tilburg)
Tussen socio-pedagogische valorisering en professionele identiteit Gender marking in Dutch and North-Brabantish dialects: Slowly disappearing or surprisingly dynamic?
15.15 Jin Di & Ad Backus (Tilburg) Yasmin Crombez (Gent), Eline Zenner (Leuven) & Anne-Sophie Ghyselen (Gent)
CUV Chinese: A transnational liturgical register from the Chinese diaspora to the Greater China Babysit of kinderoppas? Een onderzoek naar lexicale keuzes en attitudes tegenover Engelse leenwoorden
15.40 Coffee/tea break
16.05 Cesko Voeten (Leiden) Alison Edwards (Leiden) & Philip Seargeant (Open University, UK)
Who turns language variation into language change? English (in)competent: Language ideology and identity in Japan and the Netherlands
16.30 Laura Smorenburg & Willemijn Heeren (Leiden) Laura Rosseel, Jacoba Waumans & Dirk Geeraerts (Leuven)
Acoustic speaker characteristics of fricative /x/ in Standard Dutch Style-shifting in Flemish TV and radio commercials: A diachronic study
16.55 Marjoleine Sloos (Fryske Akademy) Lisa Hilte, Reinhild Vandekerckhove & Walter Daelemans (Antwerpen)
The Boarnsterhim Corpus: Bilingual sociolinguistic database of spoken Frisian and Dutch Adolescents’ perceptions of social media writing: Has non-standard become the new standard?
17.20 Closing & Drinks


List of posters
Emily Davis (Groningen) “I want to take the real classes”: Students with refugee backgrounds and the discursive construction of ‘belonging’
Hanne Surkyn, Dominiek Sandra & Reinhild Vandekerckhove (Antwerpen) ‘Da word moeilijk’: The interaction of sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic variables in the production of verb spelling errors in informal online writing
Lorella Viola (Utrecht) On the use of
Remco Knooihuizen & Max Reuvers (Groningen) A bilingual view on trans masculine voice change
Remco Knooihuizen, Lysbeth Jongbloed-Faber & Martine Jansen (Groningen) Gay Frysk: Expressing LGBT identity in a minority language
Sanne Ditewig (Utrecht & Leiden), Willemijn Heeren (Leiden), Laura Smorenburg (Leiden) & Hugo Quené (Utrecht) /s/-retraction in Moroccan Dutch and endogenous Dutch
Ying Lu (Tilburg) Emojis as a cash cow: Biaogingbao-hatched economic practice in online China